Workplace Health with Creative Employee Wellness Programs



   June 17, 2021
Workplace Health with Creative Employee Wellness Programs - 2 - Corporate Employee Health & Wellness Blog

With employee engagement activities becoming a must-have for most organisations, it’s important to ensure these activities and initiatives don’t begin to feel like additional tasks to the employees. At Wellness Associates, we aim to bring your employees engagement activities of all colours, keeping their schedule exciting and unique. Here are some of our popular unique employee wellness initiatives to keep your employees healthy and happy. (The brilliance of these sessions is that they customisable to your employee culture and to your desired medium - onsite or online!) Mindful Journaling: Declutter, breathe deeper, and unwind from stress using the simple, but powerful magic of flow and words. Simple journaling prompts and exercises to help you set positive intentions, goals, and to unclog your mind. Chai time break: Let our musicians, storytellers, writers, singers entertain your employees while they take their evening chai time break. These short, energetic, and engaging live performances are specially curated to give your employees a boost of energy and smiles before the last mile of the work day. Music Melody: Music is a universal language. So what better way to create a wholesome environment and culture amongst employees than a live musical session! Our unique musicians are reared to bring their skills, lighten up the mood and give your employees a special and shared experience. Mind Games Illusionary: Who says magic is just for kids? Prepare to have your minds blown as our illusionist mystifies your senses and imagination with a mentalism show designed for corporate environments. Card tricks, mentalism, magic, and plenty more performed by our specialist to ensure your employees have an evening like no other! Laughter Therapy: Exercise releases endorphins, yes! But do you know what else does? Laughing! So schedule a laughter yoga or laughter therapy class with us to release all those endorphins for a happy, smiling, positive, and healthy workforce.