Wellness Workshops for Happier Employees



   June 17, 2021
Wellness Workshops for Happier Employees - 3 - Corporate Employee Health & Wellness Blog

Here’s a little secret: You don’t always need a fitness centre set up for optimum wellness and fitness engagement. Workshops can do just fine! In fact, in a few ways, some even prefer shorter term workshops instead of steadfast gym facilities. A workshop is great for introducing employees to wellness concepts in a non-intimidating way. Information overload can be quite intrusive. So, a workshop providing guidance and information in a shorter and easier way to grasp, is the perfect balance of the two. The ability to make fitness and wellness accessible and more importantly, fun!.. is a quality easily within reach through the means of well planned workshops. And we mustn't forget the communal nature of workshops. It’s typically a group activity, bringing together employees not just for fitness wellness initiatives, but also for a time they can spend together, away from the strings of work, to really connect and get to know each other. #Physical Workshops Pump up heart rates and get your body moving in short bursts with workshops like Fit15: A quick 15 min workout in the middle of your workday to get fit and extra energised for the remaining day Back to Back: Stretch out and undo all the damage created in your necks and back while staring at a computer screen through a quick stretching workshop Self Defence: Empower yourself and take control through a series of self defence exercises #Nutrition Workshops Food For Life: A quick masterclass in how to incorporate healthy, balanced meals without compromising on taste at all! Mini Masterchef: This is a great workshop to get employees involved and excited as they cook up their best fit meals in a fun challenge #Mental Wellness Workshops Soul Bowl Healing: This is aimed to relieve mental and physical stress through sound vibrations, bringing you back to a space of alignment and easy focus Happiness Workshop: Aimed at creating joy and happiness within you, for easy stress management and gratitude Magic of Breathing and Relaxation: We are our breath. This workshop explores this in the perfect balance of physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. #Social Workshops Flash Mob: Get your employees and coworkers together for a fun group flash mob! What better way to create memories and laughter? Fun & Fitness Games: Staying fit does not have to be strenuous or boring! A fun games session curated to bring employees together and break into a sweat.