Importance of Corporate Wellness Programs



   June 17, 2021
Importance of Corporate Wellness Programs - 1 - Corporate Employee Health & Wellness Blog

Over many studies that have been conducted and articles written over the years, it is now common knowledge that balanced and focused employee wellness initiatives are beneficial not only for high health standards, but also for productivity, creativity, and high morale. In fact, it has also been observed that companies with employee wellness and engagement programs have a lower absentee count and a higher employee retention index. But what does the word ‘Wellness’ really include? Today, the word has expanded into a movement, into a lifestyle. An environment designed to inculcate ‘wellness’ must think of physical well being for sure, but also lay focus on mental health, spiritual well being, and social wellness. An all round happy employee is a motivated and productive one. Here is how Wellness Associates brings a holistic approach to your corporate employee programs. #Physical Wellness A physically healthy and active body is one that supports a focused and alert mind, ready to find solutions and new ideas. Needless to say, endorphins or happiness hormones are created through any form of physical activity. Through facilities like setting up and running a gym customised to your company’s needs, rent-a-gym, and short workshops to teach employees the right stretches to do after sitting at a desk for a while, a fun 15 minute workout,etc. while taking a break creates a culture of looking after physical one’s health. #MentalAndEmotional Wellness As our worlds move online, whether it’s work from home or even basic social media, the stimuli being thrown at us every second only keeps increasing. This causes increased anxiety, stress, loneliness, amongst several other mental issues. Programs and workshops like laughter yoga, art therapy, mindful journaling, storytelling , etc. in an employee well being program help guide employees to find strategies and tactics to deal with mental anxieties and troubles. #SocialWellness While we all have individual targets to run after, all of our separate goals are collectively geared towards meeting a larger organisational purpose. We’re constantly working in teams, ideating and pitching together, communicating with peers and other departments. Our Social Wellness activities create a collective high morale, teamwork, stronger relationships and communication between employees, confidence in each other, and build an overall sense of belonging.Let them come together to do some group activities like zumba, kick boxing ,aerobics etc or just come together over chai and listen to each others stories etc. #SpiritualWellness Connecting with your inner self and intuition is the path for ultimate peace. And in the constant metropolitan go go culture, taking some time out to check in with yourself is the key to inner balance and peace. Incorporating practices like meditation, music,mindfulness and laughter therapy, sound bowl healing in your corporate wellbeing services brings this much needed spiritual wellness to a hectic day.