Impact of COVID 19 on Employee Wellness



   April 12, 2022
Impact of COVID 19 on Employee Wellness - 15 - Corporate Employee Health & Wellness Blog

It’s time for the transition we are all waiting for! While bidding goodbye to the couch might seem difficult for a lot of us it's a sign of hope, optimism and well being. Many employees are excited to get back to the office and resume work in person. The catastrophic COVID-19 pandemic has been unsettling for most of us for many reasons but it has had a very different impact on corporate well-being. While work from home has been the only resolve to continue workforce engagement, it has led to disruptive time schedules, unhealthy eating patterns, loneliness & employee isolation, zoom fatigues, mental & physical burnouts and a lack of boundaries! Seems like our work-life balance went for a complete toss, didn’t it? So while the nature of returning to the office might appear different - masks, sanitizers, temperature checks… the idea of getting back into the space with colleagues seems more promising and exciting for most employees! But while we get back to office, has the pandemic taught us some lessons that we can keep in mind? Here is a list of measures that corporates can incorporate to focus on employee well-being in the post pandemic work from office era: ● Offsite & Onsite Fitness Facility: Gone are the days when being a couch potato was fun and exciting, now is the time to move! Most young employees, post pandemic, have understood the value of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Hence corporations might need to focus on employee wellness more than earlier and ensure taking steps that encourage the same. Onsite/In-office gyms can be a great step in that direction; organizing fitness camps, workshops focussing on health & fitness, tying up with local companies and fitness centers & organizing yoga, zumba classes could also be very helpful! If these facilities can be provided in the office, nothing like it otherwise companies can also lookout for the employees outside of traditional business hours! ● Wellness Challenges: Social media has taken over our minds and time like anything. Companies can focus on creating fun games and challenges for employees online that can encourage them to have fun with each other, keeping wellness at the core. For eg. yoga asanas challenge on Instagram, calorie count competition etc. further, information regarding local marathons, and fitness activities can also be shared within the workforce. ● Flexible working hours: if there is anything the pandemic has taught us, it's the importance of maintaining a work-life balance and knowing when to take time-out. Hence, companies need to be more careful about ensuring that employees don't feel burnout and fatigue, are able to take care of their mental & physical well-being and work according to their comfort without much ado! Consistent daily check-ins, mental health workshops, and one-on-ones could also be helpful in creating a space where employees can share their feelings and develop trusting bonds amongst each other! ● Healthy snacks: it's time to let go of fried food and unhealthy beverages in snack-time! The pandemic also led to a sharp increase in employees making healthier food choices- vegan, cruelty-free, 0 cholesterol snacks can be offered to employees during snack times to ensure that their energy levels are up and nutrition is not compromised. Having fresh fruits, nuts, veggies in the lunchroom will lead to more energy and less food comas! Employee Wellness Programs have taken up more than ever! And a key factor in the same has been the pandemic. Now, companies care about their employees more than ever and most are making consistent long-term efforts to ensure the same. It has been realized across the board the employee health and wellness, isn't something that can be compromised and guess what? We are here to help you in the same way and make sure that you revive your workforce, back in space with new enthusiasm, energy and gusto!