Hobby Circles at Work



   April 28, 2022
Hobby Circles at Work - 16 - Corporate Employee Health & Wellness Blog

A continuous fast paced work life should not mean the end of our creative, artistic and spiritual selves! The point of wellness and well-being is an overall growth - where we can maximize our potential and become our best selves, not compromising on important aspects of life, other than the work! Hobby Circles are such a recent phenomenon in the corporate world where a group of people with a common interest, come together & participate in activities relating to that particular interest. They are a great way of finding similar interests between employees, building community, and giving a space to employees to detach and wind down at the end of a week or month and can be a major boost to employees’ spirits and satisfaction which further leads to better productivity, dedication, motivation & retention. Some key benefits of corporate hobby circles include: 1. Communication - Hobby circles provide the perfect medium to communicate at different levels thereby improving the relationship between the employees. These activities help the workforce to get more familiar and comfortable with the leaders and see them as their peers. This in turn promotes teamwork and develops the workplace into a safe and friendly environment. 2. Health Benefits - The stress of demanding work requirements, if not managed well can be a huge deplete on one’s energy and productivity. Introducing fun using recreational activities at the workplace might go a long way in reducing the stress among the employees, thereby improving their work performance as well. Activities like yoga, leisure walks and spending time away from technology can help employees rejuvenate and refresh for optimal performance. 3. Creativity & Motivation - Introducing exciting elements and recreational activities here and there in the monotony of the daily work routine can motivate employees to participate in workplace activities and feel cared for. It also gives an employee the much-needed break which eventually boosts creativity and encourages out-of-the-box ideas. 4. Improves Judgement and Management skills - Playing any kind of sport/game helps the employees to judge a situation better. To win a difficult situation, the employee has to understand the challenge’s demands and adapt accordingly. The problem-solving, and strategic thinking traits from sports help employees handle their primary tasks better and understand their colleagues in a more holistic manner. One of the major struggles of running full fledged hobby circles by corporates comes in its consistency and flow! Many organizations start well but soon lack the momentum and motivation to run enriching and joyful circles, hence outsourcing Hobby Circles from professionals comes as a great way to successfully run these programs, consistently and for a long time period. In the past, Wellness Associates has created hobby circles for corporations around interests like Movies, Music, Food, Games, Sports, Creative activities, Readings, etc. The event activities can include anything from discussions, performances, games, quizzes, Q/As, screenings, etc. in relation to the particular theme of the hobby circle.