Digital Detox



   January 20, 2023
Digital Detox - 27 - Corporate Employee Health & Wellness Blog

A study found that 61% of people believe they are addicted to their screens and that an adult spends approximately 11 hours per day on their devices. Modern technology has equipped us with the ability to connect at any time and for any duration, regardless of where we might be in the world. However, this constant connectivity comes with the cost of digital addiction, making it harder for us to turn off our devices and be present with those around us. Whether it is for work, errands, or entertainment, we are always online, being bombarded with information demanding attention. Too much technology — whether it’s time spent on smartphones, social media, or in front of other digital screens — can have unintended consequences such as lack of focus, attention span and productivity, brain fog, poor sleep quality, burnout, social anxiety and depression. Maybe then, the need of the hour is a Digital Detox ! What is a Digital Detox ? A digital detox is when you completely abstain or intentionally reduce your time using electronic devices like smartphones, computers, TVs and tablets. The idea of a digital detox is to disconnect from the online world to focus more on the present moment without distractions. A digital detox will help you feel more in control of your time, life and surroundings. It doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your devices completely. Instead, the most effective way to detox is to spend less time connected to your screens, but customize it so that it suits your lifestyle. Here are some of the most common benefits of a digital detox:- 1. Reduced stress and anxiety - The constant urge to check notifications, emails, texts, etc can be exhausting and overwhelming. At first, a digital detox may be stressful in itself because you will be going against habits that have yet to be broken. However by practicing this disconnection, you may have a sense of relief not having to check your devices over and over again. When you become more conscious of this practice, you will feel a sense of joy and relief. 2. Improved sleep - Disconnecting from electronic devices a few hours before going to sleep can significantly improve our quality of sleep. Avoiding screen time before bed also reduces our exposure to blue light which has been associated with disrupted sleep. 3. Increased Self-Esteem - You will also have an improved self image when you are no longer caught up with what’s happening online. It’s easy to compare our lives to what we see online, making us believe that we are never good enough and everyone has it better than we do. By distancing ourselves from social media, it can allow us the opportunity to engage in self improvement and focus on cultivating the lives we want to. 4. Recharge & Rejuvenate - A digital detox allows you to slow down, unwind and fully switch off. You can’t give your brain a reboot when you are constantly distracted by email overload. Unplugging technology can help in reflecting and living in the present moment. 5. Improved Relationships - Taking a break from your digital devices can allow you to reconnect with your family and friends (in real life!). Spending more time with loved ones is important for our energy and mood levels. Doing a digital detox might be anxiety-inducing because it’s breaking a habit of constantly being wired to technology. It is important to schedule gadget-free time during the course of your day, especially immediately after you wake up and before going to bed. This will not only help to break the addiction cycle but also give you more undivided time to work on a hobby or passion, or project that you had been previously unable to make time for. Block distracting sites or track your usage to start working this out and then go from there. A digital detox is the first step in freeing yourself from any form of addiction and becoming more mindful of your surroundings. By unplugging from the digital world, you’ll be able to direct your thoughts toward the things that really matter including the gift of the present, the beauty of nature and most importantly your loving relationships !