All about Self Care



   February 27, 2023
All about Self Care - 29 - Corporate Employee Health & Wellness Blog

“When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.” — Jean Shinoda Bolen When you think of ‘work’ what are the words that come to your mind ? Stress, Burnout, improper work-life balance, no time for hobbies, finishing off the weekend before you know it, the dread of Monday mornings, anxiety that doesn't let you sleep, the diminishing social life…? Unfortunately, this is not just your story - it is 90% of us who dread our work and the lifestyle that we have developed around it. As if the pandemic wasn't an alarm bell enough, it is about time we look at this relationship we have with our work ! It was during the lockdown where a strange shift happened amongst us - the focus went inwards ! We realized the importance of things that make our life meaningful, work being one part of them, but not all. Some of us also realized that we are humans first, and employees later ! In the context of this, we talk about the need for self-care in this ever-changing, fast-paced, mind-boggling corporate world ! The 5 types of self-care include:- emotional, physical, spiritual, mental & social. But what are the real tangible things we can do to make sure that we take care of ourselves, at the same time remaining present and productive at the workplace ? Here are a few self-care strategies for the same:- 1. Eat Well:- you are what you eat ! Practice healthy mindful eating & make sure you have a well balanced nourished diet. Choose ingredients that are going to make you feel energized and fresh ! 2. Hydrate:- Always carry a water bottle and keep it close to your desk. How about finding a water buddy, someone you take water breaks with throughout the day ? Drinking water is essential for maintaining energy levels, digestion and blood circulation. 3. Take breaks:- to avoid burnout & increase productivity levels, take ample breaks that help you rejuvenate and rest ! Remember that a relaxed and well rested employee is always more active & present, even in times of strict deadlines and heavy workload. 4. Time Off Tech:- create certain boundaries around the use of technology. How about limiting the hours of using social media ? How about having no office calls at home ? This will ensure that you can spend more time doing more meaningful things like connecting with your loved ones, being present and spending time doing outdoor activities. It will also lead to increased attention spans and awareness. 5. Exercise & Meditate:- when you make time for your body and physical health, it rewards you in many ways. Do not skip that workout or that evening run, your meditation is important: plan your day accordingly and centre it around activities that make you feel healthy, happy and fresh. Make yourself and your health a priority, everything else can wait ! When you incorporate self-care in your life, you will realize that life becomes more meaningful and joyous. You are your first priority and everything else comes second. Self-care would lead to heightened levels of productivity and awareness, thereby not just making you a good employee but a happy, nourished individual !