We are Wellness Associates! As our name reflects for itself, we are offering ‘wellness’ to our ‘associates’ across the country. We are upbeat in what we are doing and take pride in offering customized fitness & wellness solutions to the hospitality, corporate, commercial real estate and residential markets. We have a unique approach to worksite health and fitness which is equally supported by top of the line fitness experts in the industry.

Innovation is the core of our fitness and wellness programmes. We believe no two individuals or no two companies are same. Hence we analyze and develop solutions that are not only affordable and suitable, but also beneficial and result-oriented. Our team is experienced, creative and proactive in managing all types of onsite fitness centers and meet needs of our clients with ease.

We are dedicated to fitness and wellness at every step. Therefore we motivate participants to. adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors that result in lasting improvement. Our programmes are multi-layered focuses not only on physical, but also on social, emotional, intellectual well-being. In a nutshell, our programmes and services are on par with the fitness industry’s standards and also exceed our clients’ expectation.